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LifeSTYLE Enthusiast.​

tHANK you for entrusting me with your time and joining me on this journey AS WE EXPLORE FASHION, LOVE, AND LIFESTYLE. LET'S GROW TOGETHER.
         Simply put, life intrigues me. 
I believe we ultimately possess the power to create beautiful and meaningful moments no matter our individual experiences.
Living the life you desire begins when you commit to your heart and mind that you are completely deserving of love, laughter, joy, happiness, fruitful relationships, AND peace of mind. 
RunWay with Kay is not only a cyber cloud of my thoughts  and views on fashion, love & life, but it is also a place where I hope to cultivate meaningful connections with people from all walks of life. 
fashion is but one form of expression on the runway. we are EXQUISITELY complex creatures, often inhibited by daily demands and expectations but here on the runway, i hope to make you smile, encourage you once in a while, have a bit of influence on your style and invigorate you to pursue the things you're passionate about.

The Life You Want